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Bar Brothers Interview - Sharing Their Top 3 Tips For Beginners

Bar Brothers Interview - Sharing Their Top 3 Tips For Beginners

We interviewed the Barbrothers about their top 3 tips for Calisthenics beginners and many more interesting questions. Read more now!

We had the chance to make a short interview with the famous Bar Brothers. You may know them from Youtube or Instagram where they got very famous in the Calisthenics scene. Enjoy reading the interview!


Hey guys,

thanks very much for taking the time for our interview, it is a pleasure! Let’s get started with the questions right away without wasting any time.


1) How and why did you guys start Barbrothers? How and when did you get started with Calisthenics and what or who motivated you?

We met in college where we were studying. Lazar had a passion for working out. Dusan had a passion for motivating people. Lazar brought his calisthenics passion when he moved to America from Serbia. We motivated each other, combined passions, and that is what we call Bar Brothers today.


2) How do you guys know each other?

We met in college in United States, we had similarities both being born in Serbia.

3) What is your goal with the Barbrothers movement?

To be the number one calisthenics brand in the world and to use our platefrom to motivate as many people as possible.

4) You guys were born in Serbia, how come you moved to the US?

We moved to the US because of war in Serbia.


5) Are you guys full time Calisthenics athletes or do you also have a „normal job“? What do you do in your life when you don’t train Calisthenics?

Bar Brothers all day everyday.


6) How does a typical day of you look like?

Grind all day everyday.


7) How often do you train per week and how does your training plan look like?

We train 6 days a week. Sundays off. We do a split schedule. Rest of information you can checkout on our online programs.


8) Should people choose Calisthenics over weighttraining and if yes, why? Do you only train with your own bodyweight or also with weights?

Yes because calisthenics is the best workout in the world. It is the most challenging and it has lots of variety. No machines calisthics only 8 years.


9) What is your favourite exercise?

Our most favourite exercise is the Muscle Up.


10) What are your top 3 tips for people who wanna start out with Calisthenics?

1. Believe in yourself

2. Never give up.

3. Work super hard.


11) Do you guys take any supplements and if yes, which ones? If not, why don’t you take them?

No. Because you can build an amazing physique with just normal foods, workout, and sleep. Anyone that tells you different is a liar.


12) When do you think someone should start with weighted calisthenics?

When they master their bodyweight.


13) Are you using any calisthenics equipment and if yes, which one are you using?

Only our Bar Brothers park.


14) Will you guys ever compete in a Calisthenics competition?

Yes, Bar Brothers Calisthenics Championship coming soon.


15) What are your goals for the next 2-3 years?

To keep working hard to make Bar Brothers the top calisthenics brand in the world.


16) Some of our followers asked why you guys have been a bit quiet in the past and if they can expect more to come in the future?

Injuries, life problems, we apologize, but just remember that after the pain comes the prize, so many new projects on the way. Thank you for your support. Bar Brothers salute!


Check out their latest video on Youtube:


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